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Angel On My Shoulder

Who We Are

We are a cancer support organization who believes that cancer affects the whole family. We offer programs for cancer patients AND their families. 

As Angels, it is our objective and purpose to:

  • Further the well-being of those affected by the cancer crisis through the empowerment of individuals, enhancement of quality of life, and perpetuation of a vision of limitless possibilities
  • Assist individuals, families, and caregivers who demonstrate a need for support
  • Grant requests of those living with cancer in their lives in an effort to prove the disease is powerless over living a life of rich quality and endless possibility
  • Further awareness of the plight of those affected by cancer through advocacy and networking with other cancer service organizations.

What We Do

We offer:

  • Age-specific weekend camps for children whose¬†parent, sibling, or grandparent is affected by cancer
  • Camps for children with cancer and their families
  • Cancer caregiver retreats
  • Cancer survivor retreat

We also deliver special "thinking of you" gifts to over 6,000 cancer patients twice a year.

All of our programs are cost-free to participants.